Nobody Likes Me

About the Illustrator

Aki Fukuoka is an illustrator / graphic designer currently living in New Zealand. She spends her time daydreaming, talking to passing stray cats and hoping that the next work she creates will inspire people.

Since gaining her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, Aki has worked on editorial, magazines, children’s stories, stationary, advertising materials, stamps and is currently working on an original T-shirt line. She hopes to write one of her own stories one day so that she can empty her mind a bit. Her mind is constantly filled with creatures trying to tell their own stories!

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  • belkis paulino

    Would like to get in contact with you. Really like the work

  • Aki

    Hi Belkis Paulino, Thank you for your comment and your interest in my work!
    Please feel free to email me at

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