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November is going to be a wonderful whirlwind of a month starting with the release of the hardcover edition of Nobody Likes Me on November 1st! We are so excited to have a hardcover book with a jacket and just cannot wait to get it out!

After the hardcover release, there is the holiday gift market, the AmericasMart gift market, two school visits, and then we will round out the month with a trip to Miami! Please check out each of these events below!

Nov. 1st Nobody Likes Me hardcover release
Nov. 2nd and 3rd ECS Holiday Gift Market
Nov. 9th-11th The Atlanta Fall Immediate Delivery Show
Nov. 16th School visit with the Schiff Preschool at Temple Emanu-El
Nov. 17th School visit with Hopkins Elementary
Nov. 19th-21st Miami Book Fair International

I am SO excited and ready for each and every event and hope to see you at the Markets and Fair!  To contact me about Nobody Likes Me or anything you see on the website, please leave a comment on this page or send me an email at

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One of the goals for publishing Nobody Likes Me was to help with children’s self esteem. I found a great article dealing with a sensitive and common problem for children of early elementary school age. It’s wonderful advice that I hope you find helpful!

Nobody Likes Me: Helping Children Make Friends

by Lisa M. Cope

It’s a heartbreaker. Your child comes home from school one day and says he doesn’t have any friends and that nobody likes him – the dreaded words no parent wants to hear. You’ve been there; you know how cruel it can be on the playground and how quickly friendships seem to come and go throughout life. You want to wrap up your little guy and protect him from the world and most of all, you want to ensure that he has plenty of friends.

As much as you’d like to step in, you simply can’t make friends for him. You can, however, give him the tools he needs to be social and to be a good friend. Every child is born with an innate need to attach or be in a relationship, but how he goes about forming those relationships depends largely on his temperament. Children can start to develop real friendships around the age of four or five. When everything goes smoothly, it can be exhilarating and great. But when you see your child hitting some bumps in the road to having his own “B.F.F.,” you can help.

According to Denise Salin, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Parent Educator, you don’t want to push. “Some children, especially younger elementary school age ones, need help developing social skills such as empathy, problem-solving, negotiating, cooperation and communication skills” before they are comfortable making friends. “If an elementary aged child does not seem to want to make friends, it’s important to try and get an understanding of what may be going on.”

To support the development of friendships in your child’s life, try some of these techniques:


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